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What Can Rats Climb?

The truth is that rats are excellent climbers and can surprise you with the things they can climb with ease. However, due to the nature of their claws they are not able to climb smooth and normal surfaces like walls. They can climb other vertical surfaces like trees with rough bark and others. The roof rat can climb on rough walls, gutters downspouts and others. Just with something for rats to brace on, they can climb excellently well and go as high as your attic, ceiling and others. If there are trees around your house there is possibility that rats can get into your house through the tree.
Rats Are As Mobile On the Walls As They Are On the Ground
One thing you need to know about rat is that they are as mobile on the walls as they on the ground surface. If you have rough surfaced walls, rats can easily run while climbing to your attic or ceiling through the wall. With the help of their sharp claws on their legs they can move as fast as possible. That means you may not be able to catch them when they are running down or up on you rough surfaced wall. But if your wall has smooth surface rats will find it difficult to move easily on it.

Rats Can Climb Rope or Electric Wire
If you have ropes here and there in your home, you have created perfect walk and runway to rats. They can easily climb ropes from one end to another and most as fast as possible. More so, a rat on rope will be as mobile as when they are on the ground. For that reason, if you have ropes that extend to your attic, you have to remove it in order to make it difficult for rat to get in there.

Rats Can Climb Trees Freely and Easily
Maybe, you have sealed the entire space and fenced your house against rat infestation but still have tall trees around your home, the truth is that rat can still climb the tree into your house. If the tree has rough bark, rat can safety and easily climb the tree to your roof or attic. They can also climb your fence without getting hurt at the end of the day. For that reason, fencing is not among the effective ways of controlling rat infestation in your home and property. You simply need to apply other possible control measures to discourage them from climbing down to your home.

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