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How to keep raccoons away from property

Endless living symphony:
Our world is full of living creatures, some are prey and predators so the life circle is go on and on. Every creature or let’s say living being and hunger will be till end. Our homes are full of living creatures. It can be animals or poisonous reptiles or tiny insects to earth worms. Beside these living creatures our daily basis food is also attracting stuff to animals. These all creatures are very dangerous to our healthy life style. Diseases virus, and other hazards are always there for families with their animals.

Raccoons the troubling animals:
In America raccoons are very much troubling animal for the urban inhabitant. They enter in the homes; destroy property, pool, attic and porch. Raccoons are fond of tiny insects, fruits, plants and reptiles. That is why they enter in garden destroy the grass, unlit the trash cans and enjoy the left out.
Raccoons are the clever, intelligent, wise, trick maker, best climbers and thief. It is very difficult to catch raccoons easily. When you go to catch them they climb higher on the walls, chimneys, roof and ceiling. Many tricks have to make to catch them.

Tricks and tips to keep away the raccoons out of house:
It is not easy to keep raccoons away from the homes because hide in the woods and bushes and more over they climb higher to the roofs walls and ceilings but some solution of every problem is there here are some tricks and tips to keep away the raccoons:
• Always watch the outer side of your home and check out the surroundings.
• Use chili boiled water to raccoons to keep them away.
• Spray tear gas on raccoons.
• Use smelly materials such as eviction fluid.
• Make cage or traps where you think raccoons can enter.
• Use different kind of repellants such as predator urine, naphthalene, ammonia etc.
• Strong fences, tight lid on garbage cans, tight chimney caps and strong ceiling are the good idea to protect raccoons to enter in yours homes because raccoons only need 3 inches diameter hole to enter.
• Do not throw the fruits and leftover nuts in the garden areas.
• Trim shrubs and weeds and woods to watch them.
• Fix sharp claws to secure their entrance.
These solutions are not permanent but somehow solution to keep raccoon away out of your property. if these solutions fail ask the raccoon removal team.

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