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What Equipment Is Needed To Trap a Squirrel?

If you are having serious squirrel infestation and you think that trapping them is the best method, there are different types of traps in the market. There is equally variety of trap equipment needed to lure squirrel into your trap. This article is organized to present to you information about the possible trap materials needed to easily and effectively trap squirrel with your live trap. The kind of equipment you used to trap squirrel will determine the result you will get at the end of the day. That is why you have to make right choice while selecting equipment for squirrel trapping.

The Standard Tube Trap for Squirrel
One of the most effective squirrel traps in the market you need to know is the WCS Tube standard trap. It is design in a tube shape with a handle where the users will hold it when they want to relocate squirrel to another place after being caught in the trap. It is equally powered by a beefy double torsion spring and can be used with bait of no bait. The squirrel will be attracted to this trap naturally when they want to run through the tunnel like trap.

Live Cage Trap for Squirrel Removal
There are many live cage traps in the market that can be of great help to you when you want to trap squirrels. Some of them can be used to trap more than one squirrel at a time and some are made just for single catch. The trap is made of wire mesh in form of cage and baited with peanut and other forms of nuts. That squirrels will want to eat the bait before it will find itself inside the cage without being able to come out.

Make Use of Trap Dock to Remove Squirrels from Your Home or Property
Indeed, the dock squirrel trap is now one of the perfect ways of getting rid of squirrel from property. This is made out of galvanized steel which made it durable and tough enough to be used many times. You can mount this trap on the roof, or any part of your property with squirrel infestation and the trapped squirrel will remain alive till you set it free from the trap.

Some of the Baits That Work In Squirrel Traps
There are different kinds of baits available for squirrel. Some of the more attractive ones include: Bird feed, apple slice, sunflower seeds, walnuts and other kinds of fruits and nuts. These things can be used to lures squirrel into your trap without wasting time.

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